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Looking to take your fleet performance to the next level? Prim… offers a suite of transportation solutions to help you reach an extra mile. From comprehensive safety services to the latest GPS technology, fleet products, and other rental services, you’ve got everything you need to keep your fleet safe, secured and insured.

  • Moving
  • Rent a Freezer truck
  • Rent a chiller Truck
  • Rent a Freezer van
  • Rent a Chiller Van
  • Rent a Normal Truck
  • Rent a Normal Van
  • Transportation of freezer cargo
  • Transportation of chiller cargo
  • Transportation of normal cargo


With over 06 years of experience, we are ideally suited to offer you a comprehensive solution for every delivery or collection of your moving needs.


Rent a Freezer | Chiller Van

We have a wide selection of Chiller vans and freezer vans, whether medium refrigerated van, small freezer vehicles or chiller vans, all at affordable prices. With just a click away, you will be directed to the wide selection of our current vehicle stock. You are welcome to test our services.

Rent a Chiller | Freezer Truck

We offer rental options for chiller van and freezer trucks from single tons to 20 tons. A refrigerated van operates from 0 degrees C, whereas a Chiller van operates from -25 degrees C and both come in a variety of sizes.


Normal Truck

  • (Freezer van temperature can be minimized from +0 to -18 Degree C)
  • (Chiller van temperature can be minimized from +5 to +0 Degree C)
  • (Freezer truck temperature can be minimized from +0 to -25 Degree C)
  • (Chiller truck temperature can be minimized from +0 to -5 Degree C)

Need a normal truck for the short term? When the job calls for a normal truck that can go the distance, Prim Heights Transport offers a wide selection of diverse model range.

With a Normal Truck rental from Prim Heights Transport you can meet your temporary transportation needs without investing in new vehicles or expanding your fleet.

Whether you need one van for a single event or a dozen for several days, Prim Heights Transport rental vans offer a smart, short-term solution to help you keep your business in motion.

Choose from a wide selection of vans & Trucks, we have a perfect vehicle for your cargo.