Interesting Facts About Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport has a long history associated with different means of transportation with the passage of time. We deem it necessary to share with our readers and customers the interesting facts related to refrigerated trucking. Here are some 10 cool facts you need to know. Don’t forget to share the link on your social channels if you like it, because sharing is caring. 

Ten Cool Facts of Refrigerated Transport

  1. Prior to the emergence of refrigerated transportation, farm products could only last for 50miles distance on the road. Most of the food items would spoil before it reached the destination.
  2. The early age of refrigerated transport began in the mind 1800’s. Rail-roads cars and trains were ladened with food items such as meat, milk and other edibles and transported to other cities. To keep the temperature cool huge blocks of ice-cubes were used.
  3. The first automatic mechanical refrigerated truck was invented by Fredrick McKinley Jones. He co-founded US Thermo Control Company which know leads the industry as Thermo King. Fredrick Jones was a black African-American with more then 60 patents to his name.
  4. Over 35 million container loads of refrigerated shipment is done annually throughout the world. 
  5. The refrigerated container has its on power source to provide cooling working independently of the truck that hauls it. Allowing a continous temperature to keep the contents cool & fresh.
  6. Refrigerated trucks are designed to last for a very long life span on the road. Provided a good care and maintenance a refrigerated truck can driver over 1 million miles.
  7. Refrigerated trucks are also known as reefers for short. Some also call it chiller trucks or freezer trucks.
  8. Different Refrigerated vehicles are used to haul different weights. A van can carry upto 1 ton, a medium size truck upto 3 to 4 ton and 10 ton weight.
  9. Refrigerated Trucks can maintain different temperature. Set it to a normal refrigerated temperature, a freezing or a deep freezing temperature of -20 degrees.
  10. Apart from food items, refrigerated trucks have been used to carry other products too that includes medications, artwork, flowers, honey bees, perfume, electronics etc.  

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