Freezer Van Rental Dubai

Freezer Van Rental Dubai

Meat, poultry, ice cream and dairy products requires storage at freezing point while on the move. Rental of a freezer van can protect frozen products or food from defrosting, thereby preserving its freshness and quality while on the way to its intended destination. Specially equipped with appropriate refrigeration system, its temperature can be adjusted according to your goods’ storage temperature requirement. Ordinary vans do not have the refrigeration system to serve this function – besides, the heat from the sun and the car engine will also cause rapid thawing of frozen goods.

There are different types and sizes of commercial vehicle with freezer compartments built for your convenience. For smaller quantity of frozen goods, a freezer van will suffice. For larger or bigger quantity of frozen products, you may hire a freezer truck to easily and securely transport your perishable goods. Freezer trucks also have the same features with the freezer vans. For food items that require transportation in the cold at above freezing point, a refrigerated van suffices to serve the function.

Some uses of our freezer van rental include:

  • Business: Leasing a commercial vehicle such as a freezer van is the most affordable financing option for a business owner thinking of starting a new business selling frozen products or ice cream. For this, you will only need to pay for a fixed monthly rental for vehicle use without having to worry about vehicle maintenance and insurance. Furthermore, it is a more practical and less risky way of testing out a business idea before more resources are committed.
  • Charity Fundraising: Having the option of freezer van rental allows you to sell your own ice cream at a charity event. Instead of engaging an ice cream vendor which may reduce your profit margin for fundraising, why not choose the varieties of ice cream you wish to promote and sell them yourself in return for more profits so as to support a worthy cause close to your heart?
  • Parties: To instil some fun to your party, it will be a pleasant surprise serving ice cream. This is when our freezer van will do its job – to keep your ice cream frozen throughout the party.

Delivering or selling frozen goods will require a specialized logistical support. With a freezer van or freezer truck, your company can assure that all your products are delivered frozen, fresh and safe.

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